Thursday, May 9, 2013

Global IT University Clients Say "Thank You" for Exceptional Service

Global IT University enjoys a 'whose-who' list of clients, all of which write glowing reviews of a job well done. 

A large portion of new contracts are through word-of-mouth. When clients are thrilled with your work, they spread the word to colleagues,which is the best kind of advertising -- free advertising. And all it takes is giving your best.

Here's what a client at Lackland AFB said about us:

"The Global IT University training tools are very user friendly, and provide an easy step through. Their CDs allow users to start and stop training as needed or pick a specific subject. Training is user reliant…the user initiates the training to their schedule. The training features a knowledge testing function that allows the user to answer questions about what has been learned, and can provide immediate feedback on the results. Unlike other products, it will show the correct answer. The training is a great learning tool for both the novice and experienced personnel. Global IT University has put together training tool and packages that allow individuals to work at their own pace and on the areas that they need. These products would greatly improve basic user skills as well as offering and giving advanced training…"

Global ITU is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Global IT University Receives Accolades from Clients

Global IT University, 600 Cleveland Street Ste 500, Clearwater FL 33755

Global IT University always strives to be the best and provide the best in service. I guess that's why our clients
Global IT University Logo, 601 Cleveland Street, Ste 500 Clearwater FL 33755, e-Learning Business heaquartered in Clearwater FL
Global IT University
Court and offered the best solutions that would fit our needs. Jonathan demonstrated quintessential professionalism and efficiency in the delivery of Global IT University training products. We also appreciate the help in navigating the judiciary’s procurement process and the patience this often requires."
 "I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Mr. Fryman and Global IT University."

Kaz Lobaza
IT Division Manager
Essex Vicinage Superior Court of New Jersey


Friday, April 12, 2013

Global IT University| Should All Companies Have a Wikipedia Page?

Yes, Global IT University has a 'Wikipedia page', but the Wiki moderators typically frown on companies they feel have not "earned" the rewards of a Wiki.

This is ironic since Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia and moderators are volunteers. In any case, a brave soul started a Wikipedia page for us. We like the popularity and our clients feel the same.

Check out all the glowing reviews we receive.

Also, check out all the posts regarding our reviews and recommendations

It's easy receiving glowing reviews when you continuously provide great customer service.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Global IT University provides even more online OSHA Courses. Take a look at courses you could be taking right now

  • Hazard Communication - Most chemicals used in healthcare facilities have some hazard potential. In this lesson you will learn the procedures for using chemicals safely, where to get the information you need, how to recognize and prevent exposure, and how to respond to a chemical accident.
Click here to start this course
  • Hearing Conservation - The goal of this introductory course is to enable the employee to correctly apply the principles of hazard recognition, risk management, and rights and responsibilities when working in areas where noise is a hazard.
Click here to start this course
  • Heat and Cold Stress -
Click here to start this course| Global It University OSHA
The one factor that holds us back is procrastination. We have a wide range of online self-paced courses. Check out our other OSHA Courses other OSHA courses we posted  

Global IT University Offers Online Health & Safety Training Courses

Global IT University|Clearwater, FL
Global IT University Global IT University makes it easy to get certified these days. Online OSHA CBT courses are available in a convenient, flexible e-learning format. No more excuses because now you can take a self-paced course at Global IT University without any worry about making it to school, or getting off work on-time.

Access these courses anytime, anywhere, on your own schedule. Just take a look at some of the offerings

  • Fire Safety - Employees will recognize the dangers of fire and the fundamentals of fire prevention; the requirements for emergency exit routes; the classes of fire, the types of portable fire extinguishers, workplace requirements for fire extinguishers; and basic guidelines for responding to a fire alarm and for using a hand portable fire extinguisher.
Click here to start this Global IT University course
  • Flammable Liquid Safety - This lesson covers the principles of hazard recognition, general safety requirements, flashpoint protection and inventory inspections in the use of flammable and combustible liquids in the workplace.
Global IT University| Click here to start this course
  • Formaldehyde Safety - Formaldehyde is one of the most common industrial chemicals in use today. It is also recognized as one of the most common toxic elements found in industry and it is a leading cause of workplace illness. This lesson provides an awareness of the specific hazards of formaldehyde in the work place and ways to reduce the risk for potential injuries and illnesses related to over-exposure of the chemical.
Click here to start this Global IT University OSHA course
  • Hand Safety - Each year workers suffer the pain and disability of hand injuries and lose millions of dollars in income while disabled. Hand Safety helps employees identify the causes and types of hand injuries and how to prevent them, ways to protect the hands through the proper selection of gloves, and effective safe work practices.
OSHA Global IT University | Click here to start this course
  • Hand and Power Tool Safety - Each employee using hand and power tools will recognize definitions and types of portable tools, the potential hazards connected with their use, including manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, liquid-fueled, powder-actuated, and abrasive wheel tools, and will demonstrate the proper procedures required for each type of tool.
Click here to start this course OSHA Global IT University