Thursday, May 9, 2013

Global IT University Clients Say "Thank You" for Exceptional Service

Global IT University enjoys a 'whose-who' list of clients, all of which write glowing reviews of a job well done. 

A large portion of new contracts are through word-of-mouth. When clients are thrilled with your work, they spread the word to colleagues,which is the best kind of advertising -- free advertising. And all it takes is giving your best.

Here's what a client at Lackland AFB said about us:

"The Global IT University training tools are very user friendly, and provide an easy step through. Their CDs allow users to start and stop training as needed or pick a specific subject. Training is user reliant…the user initiates the training to their schedule. The training features a knowledge testing function that allows the user to answer questions about what has been learned, and can provide immediate feedback on the results. Unlike other products, it will show the correct answer. The training is a great learning tool for both the novice and experienced personnel. Global IT University has put together training tool and packages that allow individuals to work at their own pace and on the areas that they need. These products would greatly improve basic user skills as well as offering and giving advanced training…"

Global ITU is definitely a force to be reckoned with.